Proudly Serving the North West Since 1985

As an Agricultural Fabricator, We Take Many Approaches

Everyone has their specific needs when it comes to agriculture. North West Industries is committed to working with you to design a building geared towards efficiency and increased workflow.

Whether you need a new build, or would like to retrofit the current, North West Industries has many options available for you. We can supply a Pre-Engineered structure, which would allow for significant customization. This enables us to produce a building, suited to your needs, that allows for resistance from the elements such as wind uplifting, water penetration, air infiltration and leakage.

Pre-Engineered structures also benefit from being predictable. They require less allocation of man hours to the project, not only from the building process, but also during cleanup. Due to predictable materials being cut, there is less waste, resulting in less of a mess. They are perfect to build silos, barns, or anything else you may need agriculturally.

However you’d like to go about your project, consult us today to discuss your options. With over 30 years of experience, North West Industries has overcome various challenges in the agricultural sector. We are determined to provide you the most effective and efficient solutions while remaining cost effective. No matter your agricultural needs, we can help you achieve them.