Remote Developments

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Not in Thunder Bay? Not a problem!

North West Industries knows how unique and difficult some projects can be. We understand that every task is different, and they all pose their own significant challenges, duties, and results. While the difficulties posed from project to project vary, the location also plays a significant factor. Remote northern climates could result in harsh weather, or limited transportation. As a result, we have implemented processes to help mitigate these challenges.

Remote Northern Climates

Remote northern climates present their own unique challenges which require specific knowledge and experience. Whether it is an obscure location, an area with frigid winters, or any other unique traits, NWI is experienced in handling these challenges. Working in remote northern climates comes naturally to us. Due to our experience and preparation, we are able to complete your projects on time and within budget.

Air Transportation

Sometimes typical transportation methods are not available, requiring unconventional delivery methods. North West Industries is committed to working with our clients to determine the best way to bring crews, materials, and equipment on site.

Having experience when only limited transportation is available, North West Industries is prepared with an extensive aviation background. Using our large network of worldwide contacts, we can work together with you to ensure the most appropriate means of shipping resources. By factoring in budget and timelines, we can ensure timely deliveries at the most cost-effective rate for remote projects.

Winter Road Transportation

When winter road transportation is the only option, we understand how valuable timing is. There is only a small window in which resources can be transported. As a result, our team is dedicated to working closely with you to ensure timely delivery schedules are met for your remote project needs.