Proudly Serving the North West Since 1985

Throughout the last 30 years, North West Industries has had the pleasure of working with a large variety of clients, all with their own interesting projects. Whether working commercially for Target stores, or completing industrial projects for Resolute, we anticipate and welcome each one for the unique challenges and wide range of skills required to complete each one. By undertaking these distinctive jobs, North West Industries has gained not only the experience, but a reputation in offering quality, efficiency, and affordability.

We understand that each project is different. However, a lot of concerns overlap. Is the project affordable? To what standards will it be completed to? Will it be completed on time, and within budget? North West Industries has had plenty of experience with these questions, and will gladly assist you in meeting your milestones. Our history in the following sectors allows us to be an asset to you:


North West Industries has taken the challenge of many commercial projects, including Canadian Tire and Target stores.


North West Industries has experience in the industrial sector, with regular customers such as Ontario Power Generation and Resolute.


North West Industries has experience working in many remote developments. From material procurement, transportation, commencement to completion, we have you covered.


North West Industries is experienced in finding a productive, effective, and efficient solution for all your agricultural needs.