Proudly Serving the North West Since 1985

Aluminum, Steel, Custom Alloy, and Metal Fabrication

Our Facility
Equipped with 5 and 10-ton cranes, punch, brake, shear, and roll machinery, over a 15,000 sqft facility, our shop can handle the most challenging of metal fabrication jobs. Not restricted to Thunder Bay, we will coordinate with you and various logistics partners to ensure timely completion and delivery of your projects. Our well-trained employees can provide regular expertise on a variety of projects.
Fabrication Possibilities

When it comes to metal fabrication, North West Industries has minimal limitations with material selection. We are capable of working with structural/plate steel as well as other miscellaneous metals.

Sheet metal: our extensive history allows us to fabricate items such as ducts, hoppers, ventilation systems, and dust control systems.

We also manufacture mechanical systems. We can fabricate conveyance systems, non-pressurized tanks, and piping. Some benefits of choosing North West Industries for the fabrication and installation of piping systems include:

  • Design Review
  • Field Verification
  • Material Procurement
  • Off-Site Fabrication
  • Field Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Commissioning

Choosing North West Industries as your metal fabricator comes with many benefits. We take pride in our high quality workmanship. Employing a team of various tradesmen, we are always excited to take on new challenges, as it allows us to grow and excel.

At North West Industries, we don’t want you paying more for less. By providing you with competitive rates, we will provide as much value as possible.

We understand how frustrating it can be trying to solve unnecessary delays. Through our understanding of these troubles, as well as our excellent crews, we do everything possible to ensure a fast turnaround time.