Proudly Serving the North West and Region Since 1985

No Matter the Project, We’re Here to Help

North West Industries is proud to announce the trust our clients place in us. As a commercial fabricator, we’ve been involved in the constructions, all yielding excellent results. We work hand in hand with clients to ensure quality:
  • Materials By ensuring only quality materials are used, our clients will appreciate the results of their project.
  • Craftsmanship Employing a highly trained team of various tradesmen, our clients can trust that their task is efficiently completed up to standards.
  • Prices By offering competitive pricing, our clients will appreciate how far their dollar went. North West Industries doesn’t believe in paying more for less.
For example, storefronts, hotels, motels, office buildings, or hospitals are some ideas of what North West Industries is capable of constructing. Having completed prior projects such as Target, Canadian Tire, and the Confederation College TEC Hub, North West Industries has an extensive history in the commercial sector. As a result, our clients can take solace in the high standards and work ethic we believe in. These beliefs showcase the difference between a good job and a great job. Quality materials and craftsmanship allows us to excel in the services we offer, and by offering competitive pricing we can prove the value of choosing North West Industries as their commercial fabricator.